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Languages of the Soul - SC and labyrinth

Instead of searching for what you do not have,
Find out what it is you have never lost.
— Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

I consider both the labyrinth and the SoulCollage® process to be tools of transformation that can help us navigate the confusion of life and its many challenges. They both give us ways to access our own inner resources and intuition. Using one of them alone will make a difference in your life, but used together they will amplify and deepen each other because they are both languages of the soul, both processes to access our inner world and deepen our understanding of ourselves as we journey on this path called life. Both processes allow us to create a sense of order out of the information that bombards us from all directions, and both encourage us to develop a higher level of awareness which enables us to thrive in the complex and ever-changing world in which we live. In addition I have found that both processes nurture in us a patience and expansion which allows us to, as Rainer Maria Rilke said, “learn to love the questions themselves.” I believe what makes both these processes “soul languages” is that they give us a way to integrate mind, body and spirit in a way that makes us feel solidly supported as we grow, evolve and shift into a higher consciousness.                            

SoulCollage® and the labyrinth are both experiential processes that you need to actively engage in so that you “experience your very own experience.” You can read all the books available about both these processes but until you actually participate in them yourself you will not fully experience how they can change your perspective on where you are in your life and where you are going.

One of the things I really love about both the labyrinth and SoulCollage® is that they meet you exactly where you are, and they show you that you have within you the wisdom you need to guide you through life’s twists and turns towards a life of meaning and service. You are indeed the ‘captain of your soul’ and you can determine the path you tread.

Seena Frost reminds us of this when she says in her book “SoulCollage® Evolving”

“The SoulCollage® process acknowledges a Divine Net of knowing woven throughout the created universe,
in which we are all meaningful strands.”

Symbolic expression and reflection using SoulCollage® can anchor the experience of walking the labyrinth and help us remember important insights that arise during a labyrinth walk, as well as helping us re-connect with parts of ourselves that have been ignored, intentionally hidden, or lost, but which feel safe enough to meet us in the labyrinth. By making a SoulCollage® card for these parts we can assimilate them into our lives and welcome them back home.

There is a deep inner world within us which is mostly a complete mystery to our conscious minds. Carl Jung called this unknown inner world "The unconscious." Both SoulCollage® and the labyrinth facilitate exploration of this part of ourselves, guiding us towards a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in our everyday lives.

The labyrinth is a way of tapping into forces beyond our normal conscious mind. It takes us to some ancient part of ourselves …
when people knew the sky and nature was a part of us and we of it.
This is something lost in our modern world,
and the imbalance that it causes cries out for resolution.
— Robert Ferré

I read recently that when Carl Jung was once asked the question “Will we make it?” he responded “If enough individuals do their inner work.” The labyrinth and the SoulCollage® process both support and encourage us as we do our inner work, and are particularly helpful in bringing clarity in confusing times.

“Know Thyself” is ancient wisdom that has been handed down through the ages, from the Greeks, from Shakespeare, from the poets and philosophers of all generations, who have indicated that this is an essential quest for those who want to live a meaningful life. The labyrinth and your SoulCollage® cards are tools to support you on this quest.

To make sense of our world and to find meaning in life, we need to make time in our daily life for reflection and contemplation. Both the labyrinth and SoulCollage® allow us to do this, not through the mental processes of the mind, but through the movement of the body and the power of images, which in turn open us to the unconscious mind and to unexpected insights which our conscious minds cannot access on their own. And both these processes do this in a way that grounds us in the physical world. Our actions create energy, and energy moves us forward to a new place where we see things with a new understanding. In addition the labyrinth creates a container, a safe space which holds us as we journey within.

In short, what both they labyrinth and SoulCollage® give us are ways to remember what our souls already know, and the courage and direction to fulfill our soul assignment, which is called our Soul Essence in the SoulCollage® process, our life potential.