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Introduction SC and labyrinth

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True inner work puts one into contact with the inner world
and helps reveal the meaning of one’s life.
— Robert A. Johnson

I have created this course for people who are looking for a way to connect their inner and outer worlds and discover what gives everyday life meaning. I will show you ways to combine your SoulCollage® practice with walking the labyrinth so that you deepen, expand and amplify your personal process of self-discovery and transformation. I believe that we have the answers we need within us, and if we slow down enough and listen deeply, we will hear what our soul wants to say to us. Both SoulCollage® and the labyrinth are tools which allow us to listen deeply using our whole body, not just our eyes and ears. 

I’ve been a SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2004 and a SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainer since 2012.  Discovering SoulCollage® has made a huge difference to the way in which I process my feelings and emotions and I will always be grateful to Seena Frost, the creator of the SoulCollage® process and author of the SoulCollage book SoulCollage Evolving for developing this wonderful process, and to Kylea Taylor and Jim Schofield for making the process available to a wider audience. I truly believe that SoulCollage enables us to "Discover Your Wisdom, Change Your World™".

In 2009 I became a Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator and in 2013 I completed the advanced labyrinth facilitator training in Chartres with Lauren Artress, the founder of Veriditas and author of Walking a Sacred Path: Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Practice. I am grateful to Lauren for sharing her passion for the labyrinth, and creating an organization which provides ways to learn more about this archetypal tool of transformation.

I built a labyrinth based on the 11-circuit medieval labyrinth, similar in design to the one at Chartres Cathedral in France, in my backyard in 2007 – so I have the luxury of stepping out my studio door to walk the labyrinth whenever I feel called to do so. My labyrinth is a "living labyrinth" and changes with the seasons and with the weather. The wind, the rain (or lack of it), the deer and rabbits walking through the labyrinth, the fall leaves - all change the path and the environment on a daily basis, so I really am reminded that the labyrinth is a metaphor for the journey of life every time I walk it as the path is never exactly the same.

Both SoulCollage® and the labyrinth have been an integral part of my life for some time, and they have given me the tools to access clarity and calm at times when life has felt overwhelming or I’ve not known what direction to take. I’ve walked my labyrinth to ground myself after weeks of traveling, to ask for help when stuck writing my book The Creative Photographer, to give thanks for wonderful things that have happened in my life, to find my direction when I’ve felt lost, and for no reason at all, other than feeling called to do so.

I’d like to share some of the things I’ve discovered on my journey with SoulCollage® and the labyrinth path in the hope that they will act as helpful road signs on your own journey.

As I don’t know whether you have a background in SoulCollage® or the labyrinth, or whether you don’t know anything about either of them, I’m including some of the basics about both these processes. Feel free to skip these sections if you are already familiar with the material.

This course focuses on practical ways of using the two processes together to amplify your journey of self-discovery and so I won’t be talking about things like the history of labyrinths, or the different kinds of labyrinths, but you will find a list of resources at the end of the workshop material if you want to explore these aspects further.

I have found the SoulCollage® process to be a meaningful way to integrate and deepen insights uncovered on the labyrinth path. By taking time before or after a walk to express our feelings and emotions, both conscious and unconscious, in a symbolic way, we let our soul know that we are willing to listen for the messages it is trying to give us. Stillness and spaciousness have become rare commodities in our everyday lives. Both making SoulCollage® cards and walking the labyrinth are modalities that can help us slow down enough to hear what our soul wants to say to us.

So welcome! My hope is that this workshop will provide you with new ways of accessing your inner wisdom and intuition.

We don’t receive wisdom, we must discover it for ourselves after a journey through the wilderness which no one else can make for us,
who no one else can spare us.
— Marcel Proust