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Symbolic Expression SC and labyrinth

Within this inner world, a symbol can represent
some deep intuitive wisdom that eludes deep expression
— David Fontana

Symbols are things that signify more than their conventional and obvious meanings, things that give us insight into ourselves in a way that our unconscious understands, even though our mind may not consciously be aware of the deeper meaning. Symbols open us to intuitive understanding, and often offer us a new way to see things. They can also be used to influence us on an unconscious level – as the advertising world well knows.

Collage is, in itself, symbolic. Our life is a collage or collection and combination of people, places and experiences woven together. We are a collage of different inner parts that create the pattern of our lives. Creating SoulCollage® cards gives us a way to fit pieces of ourselves together in meaningful ways.

The imagery and symbolism of both the spiral and the circle are contained in the labyrinth. The circle is a universal symbol of wholeness and unity, of the cycle of life, of eternity. It creates a safe container around the labyrinth.

There is no need to study books to know exactly what the symbols you are drawn to mean.

Seena Frost reminds us in SoulCollage® Evolving:

“Just as with dreams, the images you choose for your Neter cards are symbols of activity going on deep in your psyche.
Your unconscious knows the ancient meanings of symbols, even if you yourself do not at first “remember”.”

Both walking the labyrinth and engaging in the SoulCollage® process open us up to viewing the world in a symbolic way, and once we open to this way of seeing we recognize that we are surrounded by symbols or “postcards from God” as Walk Whitman so poetically put it, every moment of every day.

Symbols can represent abstract qualities such as truth, justice, mercy, wisdom, courage and love. They can make us feel these qualities without us being in the presence of them. Think about how we associate the image of a heart with love and scales with justice. Images are pathways to formulating how we feel even when we cannot express these feelings in words.  

As the Taschen Book of Symbols says:

“Symbolic images are more than data, they are vital seeds, living carriers of possibility.”

Symbols allow us to access the messages of our soul.

A symbol generates itself from the unconscious as a spontaneous expression of some deep inner power of which we are aware,
but cannot fully encapsulate in words.
— David Fontana