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Using SC in conjunction with a Labyrinth Walk

Should you walk the labyrinth first or make a SoulCollage® card first?

My answer to this is to listen to your own intuition. What do you feel like doing first?

There are benefits to each way. Both are non-linear and non-verbal processes. Making cards is a way to both prepare for a walk and a way to integrate after a walk. Consider what you might need today. Perhaps you need to ground in your body, or you might feel like paging through magazines. Honor and respect that need, and let your body choose, rather than your intellect.

Personally, I have found that walking the labyrinth first centers and grounds me before I start looking at images and allows me to choose images from a deeper, more intuitive place. It gives me time to unwind my body and become present. I feel resistance falling away and expansion arriving. I also find that making cards after a walk is a good way to integrate and process the walk and anchor the experiences that my imagination offers to me. It also allows me to fully integrate on all levels – body, mind and spirit.

Your approach might also be different depending on whether you already have a deck of SoulCollage® cards to use or whether you are just starting out with SoulCollage®.

Those new to SoulCollage® who haven't yet created a deck of cards, might like to try one of my following suggestions.

Suggestion 1: Way of Feeling

If you don’t have any cards as yet or only a few, you might like to experiment with what I call the Way of Feeling. In this practice we will make the card before we walk the labyrinth and ask questions of the card at the end of the labyrinth walk.

First decide whether there is a particular feeling, emotion or way of being you wish to bring into your life, such as joy, balance, or courage. Make a SoulCollage® card to represent that feeling. Walk the labyrinth with your card embodying the feeling or way of being as you walk.

After the walk ask your card: “How can I feel more joy/balance/courage in my life” or “How can I bring more joy/balance/courage into my life?” In SoulCollage® we let the card speak to us by first putting ourselves in the place of one of the images in the card and speaking as if we were that image. Take out your journal and write down what the card has to say to you in response to your question. You might also like to start with the question "Who are you?" so that your card has an opportunity to introduce itself to you.

Then put your card in a place where you will see it every day. Spend a few minutes with your card each day and ask it “What can I do today to bring more joy/balance/courage into my life.” Write the response in your journal.

Suggestion 2: Way of Question

Alternatively, you might like to formulate an intention or question before walking the labyrinth and make a SoulCollage® card as a response to your question only once you have finished walking. Make sure you formulate your question carefully. The wording is important. Make sure it is an open-ended question such as “Where can I find the strength to get through this challenging time?” or “How do I find peace?” or “What do I need to know to move forward?”.

Once you have completed your labyrinth walk, try and maintain the feeling of calm as you look through your pile of images and place those that speak to you to one side.

When you have enough images to choose from, make your card gluing down the images that want to go together until the card feels complete. There is no right or wrong number of images to use. Let you intuition guide you.

Then get out your journal. Ask the card to introduce itself to you by asking the question "Who are you?" and then ask your card to give your guidance on the question you set before your labyrinth walk. Be open to whatever words arise.

the SoulCollage® process questions:


Who are you?


What do you want from me?


What do you have to give me?


Is there anything else you have to tell me?


What guidance do you have for me regarding my question?

You could also ask the simpler question: “What do I need more of in my life?” to discover what your Soul wants.